Ajanta Packaging buys two Nilpeter FB-3300S at LabelExpo Europe

Nilpeter sold 24 presses by the end of LabelExpo Europe. Of these, two presses, both FB-3300S, were purchased by Ajanta Packaging in India.

By Aakriti AgarwalChandan Khanna, managing director, Ajanta Packaging, says, “It was time we added machines in our plants. We got one machine before the show and decided on the next two here. If the pricing, support, and servicing is good then we continue our partnership with the same partner. And, Nilpeter has been fantastic. What we are to our customers, Nilpeter is to us”.

With four plants in total, two in India and one each in Dubai and Bangkok, Ajanta Packaging now has a total of three Nilpeter presses, one each in its Daman, Baddi and Dubai plants. The fourth Nilpeter will soon be installed in the Baddi plant, the second installation for this factory. The two bought at the show floor are for the Daman and Bangkok plants. All these presses are bought from the Nilpeter plant in Chennai and will be installed by the mid of next year. These are highly customised 10-colour and above presses with features such as gravure, hot foil, cold foil, and screen printing.

With the addition of these two presses, Ajanta Packaging has gone up from 9 to 11 units in its four plants. Ajanta Packaging has seen a growth of more than 20 per cent on its top line, but Khanna says that the bottom line is under pressure. ‘One has to be more efficient and buy more presses if the bottom line is shrinking. This press that I have bought has a short web path so we save on the wastage and contribute to the environment while helping the bottom line,’ he says.