Prescription for success: Top-quality labels for the pharmaceutical industry



Nilpeter printing presses are tailored to help you meet the extensive quality, safety, and product information requirements of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, healthcare, medical, and chemical labels. All while maintaining a high printing quality without compromising design.

Product Identification

With increasingly crowded shelves, and non-negotiable requirements to communicate regulatory information, pharma- and nutraceutical suppliers need to be extremely conscious about their product branding.

Nilpeter’s advanced printing presses enable the production of eye-catching extended content labels (ECLs), near field communication (NFC) labels, radio frequency identification (RFID) labels, shrink sleeves, and more.

Security Features/Brand Protection

When dealing with chemicals and medications, it is crucial to ensure that the products are genuine, not part of a recall, within the expiration date, and have not been tampered with, counterfeited, or diverted.

Our many label types and brand protection tools help achieve just that – from plastics with exceptional barrier properties, multi-faceted lamination possibilities, RFID inlays, braille, and other embossing capabilities, etc.


Nilpeter’s global LEAN production flow and uniform facilities enable all main components to be produced in-house, meaning higher production quality and control, as well as timely delivery, worldwide.