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Customer Care helps you achieve the highest availability and performance from your equipment

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Customer Care

We provide fast and efficient service from our Customer Care Centers in Denmark, USA, and Thailand, as well as regional support across Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

Customer Care

Worldwide and avaliable 24 hours

  • Refurbishment
  • Hotline
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Onsite visits
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Software upgrades

Nilpeter Customer Care provides visual remote support through TeamViewer Pilot, ensuring quick troubleshooting of technical issues for maximum production uptime. The 24/7 Global Hotline Support Team is ready to guide the printer with easy diagnostics and on-screen instructions.

Our Customer Care model combines the resources and capabilities from both global and local Troubleshooting Teams to ensure high speed, efficiency, and quality in the service process. Click the icons to read more about Customer Care.


Get online support and technical assistance in your own region, Monday to Friday from 8 AM4 PM. 
Through Hotline Service, we provide online troubleshooting, third-party equipment support, automatic software upgrades, continuation of licensing, access to printing support, and more. Our Hotline ensures optimum production performance and reduced downtime.
By choosing our Extended Hotline you are covered 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Preventive Maintenance

Increase the uptime and productivity of your Nilpeter press with our Preventive Maintenance Programme.
Includes on-site visits with in-depth press examinations, detailed maintenance reports and follow-up logs, preventive spare parts kits, and more, tailored to fit each Nilpeter customer’s specific requirements and production equipment.
Furthermore, Preventive Maintenance ensures a stable maintenance budget.


Improve the condition and lifetime of your Nilpeter press with a refurbishment project. 
Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager with end-to-end responsibilities, priced according to scope and requirements, and carefully planned to minimise unforeseen circumstances. 
Refurbishment also deals with software upgrades and installations, when adding new or pre-used units to your existing press lines.

Spare Parts

Order your original spare parts for general maintenance, safety stock, and service tasks directly from Nilpeter.
Nilpeter’s original spare parts and accessories are designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to the highest quality standards. The use of original spare parts provides an important protection of your investment, offering less wear and tear, high longevity, and optimum performance from your equipment.
Click on the contact link, choose your region, and find your local Nilpeter Customer Care contact for instant support, and quick, reliable spare parts delivery.

Onsite Visits

Nilpeter offers quick, reliable service visits all around the world. We strive to minimise press downtime, and if possible, we will perform the analysis, while the press is running. Our skilled technicians will assist with onsite installations, on-going maintenance, and of course, press repair.

project management

We provide one point of contact from press acceptance tests, through installation, and ownership. Direct contact, one point order handling, optimum preparation conditions, and full oversight of equipment performance.


Nilpeter Customer Care offers comprehensive training of your printing technicians and press operators. Acquiring a new press is a large investment – we help you maximise the potential of your application with the right training for the right people.

software upgrades

Nilpeter offers a comprehensive software upgrade programme that extends the lifespan of your old FA- and MO-Lines, and prevent PC & Hard Drive failures. Upgrades are fully tested and quickly installed with a minimum of downtime, either remotely or on-location.

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Nilpeter Customer Care
Phone: +45 58501166
Fax: +45 58531744

E-mail: [email protected]