Phone & Credit Cards

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Phone & Credit Cards

… and other stored-value cards

The market for prepaid phone cards, loyalty cards, and scratch cards is growing. Whether purchased by tourists to avoid carrying local change, by expatriates to keep in touch with relatives overseas, or by people who can never find a quarter, when they need one, the phone card has become a common payment method, when making national and international calls.

The phone card market took off in the 90s, and now the stored-value card industry is expanding again. The prepaid card technology is extended to host a number of new services, such as prepaid cell services, paging services, and text message services. The cards may also be used in connection with prepaid internet accounts and other entertainment services, or as cash-over-the-counter for various products.

A booming market

The possibilities for application of these adaptable and marketable cards are endless. Indeed, cards with stored value make excellent promotional vehicles as, they are of portable and practical size, have potential for becoming collector’s items, and they contain direct promotional information in addition to their technical purpose.

The stored-value cards are used by the telecommunications industry, the lottery and gaming industry, as marketing coupons, in loyalty programs, as a direct product, as gift certificate cards, and the list goes on. It is imperative to add security features, as these cards, made of various types of cardboard and laminates, are used as an alternative method of payment and may be counterfeit.

The Nilpeter solution

Through close cooperation with our key OEM-partners, Nilpeter offers a total printing solution with printing of information, scratch areas, and various security features for the cards in addition to image printing. As a system supplier, we team up with the essential players within product quality control, and we offer inline cutting and stacking solutions.

Nilpeter has offered presses and customer care on these for many years, not only for the stored-value card industry, but also in connection with other types of value products, such as train tickets, parking tickets, etc..