Security Printing

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Security Printing

Stamps, tags, duty marks, etc…

Unique solution enables transition to self-adhesive stamps

With an MO-Line FUSION, postal services worldwide enjoy the broadest design reproduction possibilities, that combination process printing has to offer, and they have the freedom to choose between many high-value printing processes, such as offset, flexo, screen, and gravure printing. Also, numerous high-value decorative and security features can be included on stamp designs, in-line and cost effectively.

The Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION can print both self-adhesive and traditional stamps. The uniquely versatile design of the MO-Line FUSION will not only ensure any demand for familiar gummed format stamp. The press can also accommodate the intaglio process for both traditional and self-adhesive stamps.

Furthermore, the press, with its versatile configuration, converts a much greater variety of material types. While i.e. single-process intaglio presses typically print on mono-web paper, the MO-Line FUSION also converts synthetic materials, which allows a whole new avenue of designs to be explored. The Finnish Postal Service, for example, is producing a stamp printed on a clear film, featuring a transparent ‘window’ in the middle.

To accomodate stamp collectors worldwide, several of the self-adhesive laminate manufacturers have developed a three-layer ‘speciality’ product. This features two liners – a self-adhesive layer for easy, lick-free application, under a traditional wet-glue layer, to which the stamp itself is attached, adding ‘rarity value’.

With the Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION the exclusive niche market for security printing has an extra choice with this new, versatile high-tech alternative.