Pre-Owned Program

Nilpeter’s Pre-Owned Program is a part of a strategic objective to create sustainable initiatives

Pre-Owned printing presses are often traded in as part of a new purchasing decision. The presses are refurbished to improve the condition and lifetime, and offered to printing companies looking to make a sustainable decision; or to companies that want to acquire their first Nilpeter press at a more competitive price.

1. Affordable Pricing

If you want purchase a Nilpeter press, but have limited budget, a refurbished Pre-Owned press is probably the right choice. A Pre-Owned Nilpeter press provides the same privileges as a new factory-made machine, with access to Nilpeter’s global support and warranty program.

2. Extended Lifetime

With Nilpeter’s refurbishment programme, the quality and efficiency of the printing press are significantly improved and provided with a new, extended lifetime.

3. Warranty

Most Pre-Owned Presses are sold “as seen”, but Nilpeter can provide a new product warranty – discussed and quoted. Furthermore, you can order original spare parts for general maintenance, safety stock, and service tasks directly from Nilpeter.

4. Customer Care

Nilpeter Customer Care helps you achieve the highest performance from the printing equipment. We provide fast and efficient service from our global Customer Care Centers and regional production facilities.

5. Sustainability

Purchasing a Pre-Owned press is a sustainable alternative to investing in new, low-cost equipment, which is often characterised by a limited lifetime and low residual value.


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