Flatbed Unit for Hot Foil and Embossing

FP-4 Features

Nilpeter offers an innovative product, that is a perfect fit for the printer, who targets the competitive edge through value-added printing.

The FP-4 enables inline foiling and embossing in combination with all Nilpeter presses. The flatbed unit delivers superior embossing and hot foil quality, especially suitable for markets, where embellishment features are key, such as Wine & Spirits and Health & Beauty.

The transfer of heat and impression needs sufficient dwell time to ensure optimum quality.

The FP-4 unit features simultaneous embossing and/or foil opportunities and can be integrated at any desired position in the printing process.


  • Register tolerances within +/- 1/10 mm
  • Twenty tonnes of pressure
  • Foil Saving Function, save up to eight indexes
  • One single unit for inline embossing or flatbed hot foil
  • Multiple units possible in one press line
  • Cross-web foiling
  • Consistent foiling at different speeds


  • A single unit for inline hot foil and embossing
  • 3D-effects, brilliance, and outstanding details
  • Low tooling costs
  • Minimum waste and large savings on flatbed foils
  • Perfect for short runs
  • Compatible with all Nilpeter presses
  • Perfect heat transfer at different speeds

FP-4 Specifications

Web mm (feet/inches)
Web width:
420 mm
16 1/2”
Process width:
410 mm
Hot foil – Embossing:
82.55-203.2 mm
3 1/4 – 8”
Material Calliper
50-300 g/m2
50-300 g/m2
Up to 300 strokes/min.
Up to 300 strokes/min.
Production speed (depending on material, foil type, tooling, etc.):

Up to 60 m/min. – max. format 203.2 mm (8”)

Up to 60 m/min. – max. format 203.2 mm (8”)

Process area:
203,2 x 410 mm
8 x 16”
Foil saver:
28-410 mm – Max. 15 index
1⅛-16” – Max. 15 index
Foil width:
20-210 mm
3/4-8 1/4”
Foil reel diameter:
300 mm
11 3/4“
Temperature control:
Electric heating, up to 180°
Electric heating, up to 180°
Tool base plate:
Tool height:
7 mm, option for imperial size tooling available
7 mm, option for imperial size tooling available

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