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Digital Hybrid Solution Key features

Your All-In-One Digital and Flexo Printing Solution.
Nilpeter Hybrid design philosophy is based on full flexibility and customer preference.

We are driven by offering the best solution to the printers around the world. This is evident in conventional printing, but also when combined with the latest InkJet solutions available in the market.

Nilpeter’s digital hybrid philosophy is relying on meeting the demands of the global market and each customer’s preference for InkJet printing. This is achieved by offering an open platform product structure, based on the successful FA-Line.

Introducing a New Solution in partnership with SCREEN GP

Dive into the future of printing with a hybrid solution, that seamlessly blends the best of digital and conventional printing allowing the printer to mix and match digital and analogue printing processes.

SCREEN GP is a long-term partner of Nilpeter in digital hybrid printing. Together we are proud to unveil a new in-line printing solution. The solution combines SCREEN’s latest SAI technology with Nilpeter’s advanced FA-Line flexo platform.

The Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI is capable of producing up to 7 vibrant colours. Combined with Nilpeter’s wide range of add-ons and designs, the possibilities are truly unparalleled. Reliability is key. That is why the Truepress LABEL SAI press does not only deliver great prints, but also feature an upgraded workflow and connectivity.

Further enhanced by Nilpeter’s flexo platform and embellishment solutions, the in-line solution ensures premium label printing performed with maximum efficiency.

See the solution running live at SCREEN Europe’s impressive demonstration facility in Amsterdam.

Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI Specifications

Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI
Press speed:
30 – 35 – 50 – 60 m/min.
30 – 35 – 50 – 60 m/min.
CMYKOB + W + Low Migration
CMYKOB+ W + Low Migration
600 x 600 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
Grey levels:
Web mm (feet/inches)
Unwind diameter, max.:
750 mm (29.5”), 120 kg
750 mm (29.5”), 120 kg
Rewind diameter:
750 mm (29.5″), 120 kg
750 mm (29.5″), 120 kg
Printing mm (feet/inches)
Web width, max.:
350 mm
Printing width, max.:
322 mm
Repeat length:
50.8 – 2,400 mm
2″ – 94.4”

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