We envision a future, where flexographic printing is the leading technology in the global printing industry

Nilpeter’s vision of the Future of Flexo

At Nilpeter we envision a future, where short, medium and long run printing are based on an innovative flexographic platform. The vision rests upon four fundamental pillars:

  • Design & Versatility: Dive into a world where true colour vibrance is made possible with expanded colour gamut (ECG). With a Nilpeter flexo press it is possible to print and finish inline, streamlining the workflow, and ensuring continuity. Effortless printing is made possible, making intricate designs simple to execute. Customise printing with unprecedented ease, tailoring each piece to its purpose. And with seamless integration capabilities, expect nothing less than optimum performance every time. Experience design and versatility like never before.
  • Production Efficiency: At the heart of a successful printing lies an efficient process, simplifying the printing operation, reducing complexity and allowing for a smoother flow. With Nilpeter’s solutions, you can streamline the printing process, eliminating unnecessary steps, while ensuring consistency.
  • Return on Investment: Begin by amplifying the production efficiency, driving outputs higher while ensuring the finest quality — a quality that resonates, stands out, and speaks for itself. Nilpeter’s product design is focused on minimising production costs by reducing waste and making every material count. When you invest in Nilpeter technology, you are securing years of outstanding performance. It is not just a purchase; it is a long-term partnership for value and excellence.
  • Digitalisation of Flexo: The future of flexographic printing is a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation. At its core, the reliability of traditional flexo meets the simplicity of modern digital technologies. In future, automation is no longer a luxury, but a continuously enhanced performance feature. It drives a modern production and secures maximum production efficiency and quality. The Digital Shadow provides unprecedented opportunities and optimises valuable production data, making it an indispensable tool in the digital age.

Join us, as we lead the way in the next chapter of Flexo. Your Future, powered by Nilpeter.

Facing the Future: The top five challenges confronting today’s modern converter

future of flexo
The modern printer faces a number of challenges in an ever-changing environment
  • Frequent job changeover: Increased demand for personalised and customised print jobs. Print operators must change more frequently between different jobs.
  • Short turnaround time: Brand owners require fast delivery time for their print jobs. Converters must find ways to optimise their workflows and reduce downtime, without compromising quality.
  • Balancing efficiency and quality: Maintaining a balance between speed, efficiency, and quality can be a challenge. Therefore, quick changeovers, increased production speed, high print quality, and lowered waste must go hand in hand.
  • Adapting to new materials and substrates: As brand owners request unique print products, converters may need to work with a wider range of materials and substrates, requiring them to adjust their processes and equipment accordingly.
  • Environmental sustainability:  Converters are under an increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact. This involves implementing sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly inks and materials, reducing waste, and increasing energy efficiency.

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