Trade-In Program

Trade in your FA-Lines from 2004 or later for a brand new Nilpeter press

Trade-In Program Features

Nilpeter’s Trade-In Program allows customers to include FA-Lines from 2004 or later, as a part of the transaction, when acquiring a new Nilpeter press.

Nilpeter will offer an attractive and fair price for your current press to help you upgrade to the latest and most modern printing equipment available in today’s printing market.

The Sustainable Solution

The used press will be refurbished and marketed as Pre-Owned Equipment, providing printing companies with a sustainable alternative to investing in low-cost equipment, which often comes with a limited lifetime and a lower residual value.

Moreover, the used press will continue to operate in the pre-owned press market rather than simply being scrapped, further assisting to reduce the overall carbon footprint.


Any Questions?

Nick Hughes

Managing Director, Nilpeter Ltd.

+44 783 163 9141 [email protected]