Nilpeter UK Customer Care Center offers full refurbishment
of used FA-Lines still running production

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The result is improved printing quality and production efficiency, together with a considerable extension of press lifetime. 

With most FA-Line refurbishments, software is updated, servo-motors are replaced with up-to-date technology, and all vital mechanical parts and electrical components will be controlled. Result: An extended press lifecycle and many years of consistent press performance. 

FA-Line refurbishment can include any and all of the following:


  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software – safeguarding future performance 
  • SECOMEA Router with built-in firewall protection 
  • New user-friendly Interface/HMI (Human Machine Interface) 
  • Updated LonMaker for improved overall press performance 
  • Updated Indralogic for improved overall press performance


  • New Powerful PC – i.e. B&R IPC910 w/i3 Dual-core processor & SSD disc 
  • 19″ PMC touch screen monitor – upgraded from 15″ 
  • New Register System for faster register and better performance 
  • Lenze Servo Motors for improved overall press performance 
  • PLC Replacement for improved overall press performance 
  • Acrylic Safety Covers for improved safety and aesthetics

Furthermore, a refurbishment can be combined with the installation of new Nilpeter Value-Adding Units.

Options include the flatbed unit for hot foil and embossing, the cross-over unit for extended content labels (ECL), the gravure printing unit for metallic inks, solids, and coatings, the screen unit for special effects, braille, and opaque white, and more.

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