Catapult Print today announced the installation of its new Nilpeter FA-26 press, marking the latest development in the organization’s mission to  redefine print, disrupt the market and drive change in the US marketplace

The Nilpeter FA-26 is their 8th new FA-Line press in the last 5 years, but the first in 26″ web width. This  incredible growth has been driven by Catapult’s disruptive model and unique  offering that’s seen the company ‘catapult’ from a start-up business in 2018,  into the fastest organic growing label business in the US – with a revenue of $50+ million. 

“When setting the business up five years ago, we had a passion to be different,” said Mark Cook, Catapult Founder and Chairman. “There really was no point just trying to be another average printer with nothing new to offer. We absolutely came with a plan, a plan to disrupt the print industry,  make print easy and truly deliver what customers really want.”

 “So, our latest move is exactly that, it’s print redefined… again! We’ve added our eighth  Nilpeter  FA-Line – this time a 26-inch, nine-color printing press with die  station – to support the vision of why we set this business up in the first place:  ‘to disrupt’.

“The installation of the  Nilpeter  FA-26 really cements our commitment to ensure we’re giving customers what they want. As we said when we first came to the market, there’s no point being average; that space has been taken. ”

“We’re here to shake things up and continue to disrupt the pressure sensitive label market. Our continued focus on technology, systems, automation, and data ensures we have the slickest, quickest, and most cost-effective printing business in the whole of the USA marketplace, with 27% of all orders out the door within just two days.”

Catapult’s explosive growth and towering ambitions align well  with  Nilpeter’s philosophy, says Lenny DeGirolmo, President & Managing Director, Nilpeter USA, 

“Once again, we must acknowledge that in partnership with Catapult, we are setting new standards for business development and disrupting the industry in terms of innovation, technology, and ambitions.”

“Our collaboration has evolved rapidly over the past five years, and Catapult’s acquisition of their eighth FA-Line and first FA-26 with die station in the US  is a major success story for both us and them. We are excited for the years ahead!”

L-R: CFO Zach King, CEO Lewis Cook, COO Jefferson Dowdy – Catapult Print

Cook is equally enthusiastic about the close collaboration between the two companies, saying: “Right from the start, we have had an excellent partnership with  Nilpeter. We all pull in the same direction, share the same ambitions, and uphold the same high standards. When all of this is in place, together, we have created a foundation to grow and drive our business at the pace we are doing today.”

Catapult Print is a leader in labels and packaging, providing pressure sensitive, linerless and narrow web films to customers throughout the US and Canada. The company sets itself apart through its commitment to cutting-edge technology, outstanding service, and a relentless drive to disrupt the print industry. 

“It’s why we’ve been so successful,” Cook added. “We’ve been saving customers money as well as reducing lead times. The lovely thing is, they’re getting enhanced quality, along with unrivaled customer service, which is why we’ve onboarded 55 new customers this year alone.”

“We’d love to see you at our plant in Orlando to show you why we’re the  fastest organic growing label company out there. We truly do take cost out, enhance quality, reduce lead-times, and give the best customer service in the industry. ”

If you want to see how the magic happens and what the 26-inch press can do for your business, then please get in touch. It really is a game-changer,  and we’re the only ones doing it!” 

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President/Managing Director, Nilpeter USA

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