Triple Nilpeter Installation for Catapult in 2022

One in January, another due in May, and a third scheduled for July – that”s the reality for Catapult Print & Packaging in Orlando, FL, USA, as they hit 7 total Nilpeter FA-Lines installed since 2018. The three new FA-17 are all 9-colour presses, like the previous four, continuing the strategy of “any job, anywhere, on any press.”

New Modern FacilitiesAmbitious expansion plans are already in motion for the Florida-based company, with a new, modern 100.000 sq. ft. facility going up next door, built around Catapult”s employees with in-house coffee and panini bars, and of course, room for a plethora of new Nilpeter presses, both in 17”” web widths, but also venturing into 26””.

Any Job on Any Press“I call our press pool Southwest Airlines – they”re all the same, for maximum familiarity and production flexibility. We can print any job, anywhere, on any press. And the technology of the Nilpeter presses allows us to do that – the quality is immense, and they”re very easy to train on, simplifying the process for our 66 employees, of which only two had previously worked as print operators,” says Mark Cook, CEO, Catapult Print & Packaging.

Catapult Print & Packaging specialize in pressure sensitive labels, linerless labels, and to a slightly smaller degree, narrow-web film. Three areas with lots of opportunities, where service, price, and lead times matter – food, household, beverage, etc.

Using their Bellissima digitally-modulated process, Catapult can screen at 350 lines per inch compared to most flexo printers when printing pressure-sensitive, wraparound, and roll stock for flexible packaging. They are one of only two printers in the U.S. producing linerless labels, and their capabilities with unsupported film give customers a world of opportunities in enhanced packaging.

No Compromise“When we set up the business that was our model – we needed the latest technology to ensure, that strategically, if anything changed, we were agile, and could react quickly, while not compromising or losing our ability to compete on price, lead times, and quality. And with everything that”s gone on these past few years, and in the current climate, that has been paramount – still being able to quote next-day-delivery, always focusing on our customers” needs. The Nilpeter presses play a huge part in that,” Mark Cook continues.

Pushing Boundaries“We, at Nilpeter, are both delighted and proud to work with Catapult. They think and do things differently, with a customer-led approach driven by our technology, focused on making a difference in terms of sustainability, employee satisfaction, and of course, product quality. That”s right up our ally, and we couldn”t be happier to continue this journey with them,” says Lenny DeGirolmo, President & Managing Director, Nilpeter USA.

The Most Versatile Flexo Press on the MarketThe FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer”s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. Future customisations are often done with a simple press of a button. All main components are produced in-house at Nilpeter in Denmark and the US, meaning higher production quality and control.