Nilpeter India
The first Nilpeter press

Savvinova Pack & Labels Industry looking to expand it’s opportunities in the FMCG industry

In a significant move, the Indian company Savvinova Pack & Labels Industry, has made a strategic investment in Dubai by acquiring their first Nilpeter press – an FB-350. This move marks a significant expansion for the company as it taps into the FMCG, Food and Beverage Industry in the region.

Savvinova has a history of prioritizing quality over cost, a philosophy that has guided their latest purchase.

“We have been very clear from day one that we wanted the best possible solution and we did not want to compromise in terms of quality and technology, as production consistency is our prime priority,” Managing Director, Mr. Subba Raju, stated.

Being in the printing industry for more than two decades, they know exactly where the pain points might arise while expanding their business to new markets and regions, and this made them go with the best brand in the market.

The Nilpeter FB-350 is a state-of-the-art 8-colour servo press equipped with delam/relam, cold foil, lamination, and all possible options to convert any self-adhesive and film labels. This acquisition underscores Savvinova’s commitment to leveraging the most advanced technology in the industry.

Manu, Regional Business Manager from Nilpeter, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration,

“It is a great pleasure to work with a customer who knows exactly what they want and demands high standards for their solutions. It has been a smooth cooperation throughout, and it is a great pleasure to invite them to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) here at our state-of-the-art Nilpeter location in India.”

This new venture in Dubai is set to enhance Savvinova’s operational capabilities and market reach, reaffirming their position as a leading player in the industry. The investment in the Nilpeter press not only reflects the company’s dedication to quality but also their foresight in adapting to dynamic market demands.