The recent installation of A FA-17 flexo press, marks a significant milestone in etic.a’s journey in the Italian label printing market.

Just outside the city of Rome, etic.a stands as a pillar of commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality. The entrance to etic.a’s facility immediately conveys the company’s dedication to excellence, setting the stage for the high standards maintained within its modern factory. This commitment is further exemplified by the recent installation of the FA-17 flexo press, marking a significant milestone in etic.a’s journey in the Italian label printing market.

etic.a, since its inception in 2009 by founders Patrizia Windfang and Gianni Olivieri, has witnessed remarkable growth through the fusion of diverse expertise in production system management and integration. The company’s broad operation scope, spanning from luxurious wine and spirits labels to essential skin care and household product labels, underscores its versatility in the Italian market.

The introduction of the FA-17 flexo press is evidence to etic.a’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. Designed for high automation, this state-of-the-art press facilitates swift job setups and rapid changeovers, ensuring the delivery of top-tier products within minimal time frames. Additionally, the integration of Nilpeter’s digital varnish bar combined with traditional flexography offers unparalleled quality enhancement to labels, without the burden of extensive preparation and tooling expenses.

Vito Di Martino, etic.a’s Operations Director, articulated the strategic acquisition of the FA-17 flexo press as a move towards optimising product delivery speeds and efficiency,

“We aim to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations through a modernised production flow, enhancing our agility and competitive edge in the market,” Di Martino stated.

“It’s always a pleasure to see a new Nilpeter press settle in with a customer. I am confident it will be a great asset for etic.a, and we look forward to following the development.” Angelo Tribocco, Sales Manager, Nilpeter srl.

The collaboration between Etic.a Labels and Nilpeter is a partnership rooted in shared values and visions for the future of flexography.

Peter Eriksen, COO of Nilpeter, highlighted the importance of a strong partnership,

“The family-owned nature of both our companies fosters a genuine collaboration. We are immensely proud to contribute to etic.a’s growth journey and are eager to witness the evolution of this partnership,” Peter Eriksen remarked.

etic.a FA-Line
All smiles at the new FA-17 at etic.a

Digital High-Build Varnish Bar
The High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit offers extensive embellishment capabilities perfect for requirements in the health, personal care, wine and spirits segments, to name a few. The High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit provides a lower overall cost of production, less material waste, faster make-ready, and increased production rates compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, product shelf-appeal is increased with little to no extra costs for screens, plates or similar.