New flexible packaging product line

Shrinkflex integrates a new Nilpeter FA-22 Flexo press into its existing setup

Shrinkflex (Thailand) PCL, a leading and public listed manufacturer of shrink sleeve labels since 2007, has recently decided to enhance its production capabilities by integrating a new Nilpeter FA-22 Flexo press into its existing setup. Shrinkflex is positioning itself at the forefront of green packaging by aligning with the introduction of a flexible packaging product line, aiming for leadership in environmentally sustainable growth (ESG).

To meet evolving customer requirements, Shrinkflex has historically utilized two main printing technologies: Gravure and Digital printing. The addition of their first Flexo production line, in collaboration with Nilpeter, signifies a strategic expansion in their capabilities. This decision underscores a deepening partnership with Nilpeter, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

The relationship between Nilpeter and Shrinkflex has grown robust over the years. “This relationship is not just enduring; it’s evolving and strengthening,” says Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director of Nilpeter Asia Pacific. The collaboration extends beyond business transactions, involving strategic cooperation concerning technological developments. This partnership is exemplified by Shrinkflex’s new role as an ‘open house’ facility, welcoming both national and international visitors to witness their operational excellence.

L-R: Erik Blankenstein, Nilpeter, Michael Tsoi, Shrinkflex, Peter Eriksen, Nilpeter

Blankenstein further notes that the open house will provide a unique opportunity for other printing companies to gain insights into the operational strategies of one of Southeast Asia’s most successful companies in terms of revenue and growth.

Adding to this, Michael Tsoi, CEO of Shrinkflex, comments on the partnership, “Our collaboration with Nilpeter is not just about adding a press to our floor. It’s a strategic alliance that brings technological innovation to the forefront. The Nilpeter FA-22 Flexo press stands as a symbol of our commitment towards increased automation and digitalization, driving us forward in the competitive packaging industry.” This statement from Tsoi underscores the strategic and technological significance of their partnership with Nilpeter, highlighting the FA-22’s role in enhancing Shrinkflex’s operational efficiency and technological expertise.

About Shrinkflex (Thailand) PCL

Shrinkflex (Thailand) PCL. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Shrink-sleeve labels, supported by high quality Gravure and Digital printing systems. Shrinkflex is the trend leader in Shrink sleeve label printing manufacturing system. They support high definition printing system and continuously improve their manufacturing quality along with developing high-performing and experienced expert teams.

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