A flourishing partnership with All4Labels

For many years, Nilpeter has been at the forefront of transforming label production in the wine and spirit industry

What began as a shift from traditional, flat labels has evolved into an arena where advanced technologies like hot foil, cold foil, screen printing, embossing, and various other embellishments come into play. This transition marks a significant leap in adding more value and uniqueness to labels.

Collaboration with All4Labels: A Partnership driving unique label creation

The journey of innovation has been strongly supported by a close collaboration with All4Labels. This partnership has been instrumental in developing unique, standout labels specifically tailored for the wine and spirit industry. The combined expertise of Nilpeter and All4Labels has led to the creation of the All4Labels Motherland campaign, a testament to their collaborative success.

Sustainability meets technology: The Future of Flexo

A key aspect of Nilpeter’s vision, named ‘The Future of Flexo’, is setting a higher standard for label production. This vision is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of labels but also about embracing efficiency, creativity, and sustainability. This approach is further amplified by integrating automated and digitalized solutions, marking a new era in label production.

Embracing a sustainable and automated future

Nilpeter’s journey does not stop here. The future holds a continuous evolution, filled with new technologies and automated solutions, not just for labels but also for flexible packaging. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the increasing demand for sustainability, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in label and flexible packaging production. As Nilpeter continues to innovate, the wine and spirit industry can anticipate labels that are not only visually captivating but also eco-friendly and produced with cutting-edge technology.

Learn more about The Future of Flexo here

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