AMF Etiquetas of Chile Acquires New FA-17

AMF Etiquetas of Santiago de Chile has acquired a new Nilpeter FA-17 to increase capacity, cover new markets, and develop more efficient and sustainable products.

This is AMF’s third Nilpeter press, already running an FA-3300 and an MO-4. The new 8-colour FA-17 features a solvent flexo unit, two FP-4 units for hot stamping, a silk screen unit, de- and re-lamination, turn bar, lamination unit, die-cutter, and sheeter, to name a few of the special features.

More Sustainable Products“Our ambition with this investment is to cover new markets and develop more efficient and sustainable products. We are looking to increase our internal capacity with more than 20% per month,” says Juan Ignacio Molina, General Manager, AMF Etiquetas.

Dealing with the PandemicLike the rest of the world, AMF Etiquetas has felt the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. “At AMF, we created a COVID committee, to make sure we avoided any internal spreading, while giving our staff all the necessary flexibility and support to take care of them and their families,” Molina adds. “The business itself was not affected by the Pandemic, but we were very detailed and accurate in all our analyses, to ensure we made the correct decision with this investment,” he concludes.

About AMF EtiquetasAMF Etiquetas is part of the AMF-group of companies with more than 70 years’ experience in the graphic industry in Chile. The company was founded in 2009, with the aim of developing and promoting different graphic solutions for mass consumption labels and packaging.

AMF Etiquetas is an innovative company, generating new developments and applications for customers, and always seeking to improve effective solutions that add value to the final product. AMF Etiquetas maintains a constant technology investment policy to provide wide capabilities and capacities in production attributes, quality, and volumes. Last but not least, AMF Etiquetas takes great pride in supporting and innovating in the sustainable development of packaging for the future.

Built Around the Modern Printing OperatorBuilt around the modern printing operator, with an intuitive user-interface and fully mobile print controls, the Nilpeter FA-17 provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates: All normal self-adhesive materials, including flexible packaging films, polymer films, metallic films, and paper. The FA-17 features Nilpeter’s lightweight, easy-load sleeves for reduced setup times, easy handling, increased production speeds, higher printing quality, and impressive durability, not to mention a lower cost per label.