mo-line fusion

Auroflex raises the bar with a new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION

Southern Italian luxury label manufacturer, Auroflex, is raising the bar and putting their customers in a position to compete in international markets, with the acquisition of a new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION.

The new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION that Auroflex has just finished installing is their fourth press from the Danish manufacturer.

“It is the most advanced press we have acquired so far in a collaboration that began more than 20 years ago, and which has brought many eloquent and mutual successes to our companies. Auroflex is committed to providing ever-increasing quality to both current and future customers – the market in which we operate stimulates competition and we want to raise the bar and put our customers in a position to compete in international markets. In that sense, it is no coincidence that our new MO-Line FUSION is a mixed media printing system equipped with all the most advanced printing, regulation, and control technologies,” says Fabio Butera, Chairman of Auroflex.

New Levels of PerformanceNilpeter has taken high-end offset printing to new levels of performance, efficiency, and ease of use with the MO-Line FUSION. A custom-made combination press with a host of analogue and digital embellishment technologies inline –  this is the platform for unmatched label quality – whether competing in high-volume or short-run markets.

With every component manufactured in-house, MO-Line FUSION is engineered to assure precision in reproduction at high speeds. Built with high levels of automation, the MO-Line FUSION minimizes manual adjustments and ensures faster setup times and reduced start-up waste. In short, the MO-line FUSION is the complete solution for the printer looking for efficient, productive, and market leading technology.

“What the new FUSION brings to Auroflex is unsurpassed print quality, the innovation of a machine with a simplicity and accuracy of electronic controls never seen before; and above all, the versatility of a configuration that will allow us to serve our current customers, and to expand our business area to products that, up until now, we have not been able to produce. The choice of this press model was carefully evaluated by comparing the characteristics of the major companies on the market. The choice of Nilpeter was relatively easy to make as it combines printing machines of proven quality and innovation, with a support and assistance that in many years of collaboration has never failed,” Fabio Butera adds.

New Production Plant With the arrival of the new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION, and with other investments made in recent years, the need has come for Auroflex to design and build a new production plant, a process which started a few months ago.

“I believe that the new printing plant will allow us to grow in turnover, quality, and product offerings.  Our new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION is part of a more general investment plan, and the implementation of an innovative marketing strategy, with which we are positioning ourselves, with the ambition of becoming a point of reference for the entire national territory,” Fabio Butera, Chairman of Auroflex, concludes.

Photo caption: Auroflex board, from left to right: Francesca, Giuseppe, Katia, and Fabio Butera. Photo by Luca Stabile.