Australian MAXTEQ Appointed as New Nilpeter Agent

Nilpeter Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that Australian based MAXTEQ has been appointed as the new local Nilpeter agent.

For many years, Nilpeter Asia Pacific has managed sales in Australia and New Zealand from their regional headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, but have now decided to engage a local partner to further support Nilpeter’s existing set-up in Australia and to drive future sales.

“The Australia and New Zealand markets have always been special to Nilpeter, both historically, as well as from a more recent perspective,” comments Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director for Nilpeter Asia Pacific. “These markets are not only diverse, they are foremost quality-driven. And generally, this is where the Nilpeter proposition comes in best.”

“Having MAXTEQ on board will enhance our market approach and improve our local availability. Furthermore, the level of expertise of Andrew Maxwell and his team at MAXTEQ has impressed us,” adds Jeff Novice, Nilpeter Service Australia. “We are excited, and believe this partnership will create a beneficial mix of commercial and technical knowledge that, in the end, will allow us to better address customer requirements locally.”

Founded in 1919 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nilpeter has since grown into one of the most recognised and renowned narrow-web press manufacturers in the world.

With major production facilities in Europe, the USA and South-Asia, Nilpeter operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, and markets a well-defined range of press-lines; offering complete printing solutions and aiming to create simplicity for customers in their desired press selection and optimisation of their production workflow.

Since its introduction in 2017, the latest edition of the popular FA-Line has proven to be an unparalleled asset in adding value to both printing-quality and productivity in a wide variety of market segments.