Birotehnik invests in an FA-4 with cross-over unit

Birotehnik, one of the top three label converters in Croatia, has been present on the market since 1962. Nearly half a century of continuous investment in new technology and streamlining of production processes has brought Birotehnik much success.

The company began printing labels in the 90s with their Nilpeter FA-2400. They serve segments such as food and beverage, cosmetics, household products, and wine. The new press is their second Nilpeter press. Birotehnik also has two Gallus flexo presses with screen on the floor. “We consider Nilpeter the best in the league”, says Director Mario Fiket, and he adds, “For us, choosing a Nilpeter flexo press seems only logical in light of the amount of innovative solutions Nilpeter has put into their press. Their technical department is outstanding, always well-prepared and able to fulfil our needs. And in that way we can fulfil our customers needs.”

The new FA-4 is a multi-substrate flexo press equipped with cross-over unit for coupon production, the quick-change ink chambers and easy lock system, direct servo-driven, gearless shaft for “easy-load” printing sleeves, UV-lamination unit, and cold foil.

“The rational behind our new investment is both to expand our capacity but also to move into new markets and seek new opportunities – such as moving into flexible packaging, where we can discover great opportunities in all of our region”, Mario Fiket concludes.