CASLON is the ideal solution for Kroschke

The German converter Kroschke prints durable labels with strict demands to light fastness and chemical resistance. To Kroschke the CASLON, Nilpeter’s digital solution for UV-InkJet printing, is the ideal solution.

Durable labels and UV-InkJet fit each other perfectly – a winning combination. The company produces a growing part of their label assortment with Nilpeter’s UV-Inkjet press, the CASLON.

Each year, Kroschke produces more than 30 million labels, signs, tags, and inspection plates. The privately owned company, founded in 1957, currently counts 500 employees at different locations in Germany. This year, Kroschke added UV-InkJet printing to their existing screen and thermal transfer printing technologies. Numerous printing jobs in a short timeA general advantage of digital printing is the ability to print many small jobs, one after the other, in a short time. “Our order spectrum includes many short runs, which are printed in five minutes or less”, says Helge Diepen, Assistant Production Manager at Kroschke. And he adds, “The CASLON is ideal in this respect, because the same substrate is used and several motives can be integrated”.

Thorsten Saathoff from Nilpeter GmbH remembers the installation very well, “For us, this was a new application”. And he goes on, “The focus was suddenly on the homogenous printing of solid areas, which usually is rather secondary”.

CASLON takes overBy the end of 2012, Kroschke had achieved the desired results with the CASLON system. Since then, according to Helge Diepen, no quality difference has been detected between CASLON labels and labels produced by thermal transfer or screen printing. Therefore, the company has shifted more and more jobs to the CASLON, especially in the field of foil labels.

A sound investmentMember of the Board at Kroschke Frank Kaminski expected the time for return on investment on the CASLON to be three years. However, knowing what he knows now, he is pretty sure that the CASLON will break even significantly earlier.

An important prerequisite for the effective utilisation of the press is the right staff qualifications. To that end, Frank Kaminski stresses the importance of practical experience with the CASLON and training by Nilpeter to reach its full potential.