Color Label Makes A Sustainable Choice With Refurbished FA-2500

Danish Color Label, owners of no less than 10 Nilpeter presses, has made another sustainable press investment by acquiring a fully refurbished, pre-owned Nilpeter FA-2500. An absolutely beautiful classic, according to Nilpeter’s own Nick Hughes.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – for us, Nilpeter is the Mercedes of flexo label printing presses, and we have never considered investing in anything else,” says Erik Grnning, CEO & Owner of Color Label.

Pre-Owned ProgramNilpeter’s Pre-Owned Program is a part of a strategic objective to create sustainable initiatives. Pre-Owned printing presses are often traded in as part of a new purchasing decision. The presses are then fully refurbished to improve the condition and lifetime, providing many years of stabile press performance to a new owner.

The newly refurbished 8-colour UV FA-2500 installed at Color Label is the second of its kind to land on the production floor in Aarhus, Denmark. The press software has been upgraded considerably and all vital mechanical parts and electrical components controlled and/or changed. Cosmetically, all panels and covers have been treated and received a powder coating to factory standards. The result is quite simply an “absolutely beautiful classic,” if you ask Nilpeter Ltd. Managing Director, Nick Hughes.

“With the purchase of our second newly refurbished FA-2500, we now have a total of ten Nilpeter presses on the factory floor, ranging from 10 to 16 inches. And this one looks and feels brand new. They’ve really done an outstanding job on the refurbishment,” Erik Grnning adds.

A Pleasure Working With Color Label“This is the second press in which we have performed a nut and bolt rebuild for Color Label. It has been a pleasure working with Erik Grnning and Lonnie Melskens, as we have the same expectations when it comes to quality and standards,” says Nick Hughes.

The Sustainable Choice“The newly refurbished FA-2500 fits right in. We know it’s reliable, and it’s a sustainable choice that allows us to reuse existing tooling, and continue producing green and cost-effective linerless labels. All jobs can be run on all machines, enabling us to always deliver on time, which is in our DNA,” Erik Grnning concludes.

A Leading Label SupplierEstablished in 1980, Color Label A/S is one of the leading Danish suppliers of self-adhesive labels to the food industry, the chemical industry, and for retail trade. Color Label is a service-oriented and innovative company that strives to solve any label challenge regardless of the printing and delivery requirements.

Over the years, capacity has multiplied through investments in new and more efficient machinery, strong IT management, and the optimal physical facilities. After the latest expansion with an increased buffer storage, among other things, Color Label now has more than 3,600 sq.m. at their disposal.