CPC Haferkamp GmbH (CPC) a leading German printing company within primarily self-adhesive labels and part of the French company CPC Packaging, has once again partnered with Nilpeter, this time acquiring a new FA-17, 8-colour flexo press

CPC Haferkamp GmbH (CPC), a leading German printing company within primarily self-adhesive labels and part of the French company CPC Packaging, has once again partnered with Nilpeter, this time acquiring a new FA-17 8-colour flexo press. This purchase marks the fifth press, both offset and flexo, that CPC has purchased from Nilpeter, highlighting a strong and ongoing relationship between the two companies and shows CPC as a true Nilpeter house.

The decision to integrate the 8-colour press into their operations is a forward-thinking strategy by CPC. Serving a broad market within self-adhesive labels, that includes foods, pet food, cars, and other industries, working with a number of world leading companies, CPC recognizes the need to continuously adapt to industry shifts. The FA-17 flexo press, with its modern features focused on automation and digitalisation, positions CPC to meet the ever-growing demands of their customers. Additionally, the need to increase capacity and add another flexo press was essential as the capacity of the existing flexo press was fully utilised.

As industries evolve, there is an increasing pressure on printing companies to deliver with speed, manage different volumes, ensure rapid job changes, reduce setup times and maintain consistent production. The automation and digitalisation features of the FA-17 are designed precisely to address these challenges, offering an edge in a competitive market.

From the left, Jonathan Schor (Managing Director – Owner CPC ), Adam Madad (Category Buyer ,CPC), Frank Bogena (Procurement, Planning ,CPC), Thorsten Dirks (operator Flexoprint), Alex Aarslew-Jensen, (International Sales Manager, Nilpeter,) and Miguel Hauptmann, (Head of Supply Chain Management ,CPC)

On the decision of going with Nilpeter again, Miguel Hauptmann, who is responsible of the supply chain and technical plant managing at CPC, stated,

“We are a Nilpeter house, and continuing with the same supplier simplifies matters, since we are familiar with the presses and have been trained on them. While pricing is crucial, Nilpeter presented us with a comprehensive solution. Their ability to deliver quickly, enabling us to kickstart our production, truly set them apart combined with the fact, that the press is top quality and features all the modern specifications that we need to develop our business further, as we see an increased demand in our markets, that we can now meet.”

Frank Bogena,  who oversees production, procurement, planning and the technical development at CPC, added,

“We have not only familiarity and positive experience with the presses, but we’re also upgrading the software on our existing Nilpeter presses. This collective advancement further bolsters our competitive edge in the market”.

Having been installed over the summer, the press is now fully operational. Frank Bogena, remarked,

“With this new press, we’re better equipped than ever. Its automated features have streamlined our processes, particularly with frequent job changes, enabling us to meet customerst demands promptly. We have received very good support from Nilpeter and everything has been running very smooth in general”.

Assembly on site

The installation process for this press was quite unique. Instead of assembling and testing at Nilpeter’s facilities as is customary, the entire process took place at CPC’s site in Germany. Such a change in protocol required significant coordination and a symbiotic effort from both CPC and Nilpeter to ensure a successful implementation.

Miguel Hauptmann commented on the entire installation,

“Nilpeter offered us the opportunity to assemble and test the press directly at our own location, allowing us to get started more swiftly. We accepted this offer, and the entire process surrounding delivery, installation, and setup went extremely smooth, both on our end and with Nilpeter. We have been very satisfied with this setup”.

Concluding on a note about collaboration, Alex Aarslew-Jensen, International Sales Manager at Nilpeter says,

“Working directly at CPC’s facility was a change from our usual process. However, the successful installation of the press is a proof of the great partnership we’ve fostered. The entire journey and collaboration with CPC have been positive. We’re honored by the continued trust they place in us and look forward to living up to it”.

Nilpeter’s On-Site Assembly Concept

Introducing a unique assembly approach: Rather than pre-assembling at our facility, presses are combined and tested directly at the customer’s location. A tailored, on-site building experience.

  • All Nilpeter modules are checked and tested individually before dispatch
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings: By eliminating pre-shipment assembly at Nilpeter’s facility, both parties save on setup and breakdown costs. This means reduced overhead for Nilpeter and fewer expenses for the customer.
  • Time Savings: With no need for floor space allocation and FAT at Nilpeter’s end, the delivery and operational commencement can be expedited, benefitting the customer’s production schedule
  • Direct Oversight: Customers can have an immediate and direct oversight during assembly and testing, ensuring that any specific requirements or concerns are addressed in real-time.
  • Tailored Assembly: The on-site assembly allows for customisation according to the customer’s environment and specific requirements. This ensures that the press fits seamlessly into its intended operational setting.
  • Streamlined Installation: Although the concept changes the location of assembly, the installation time at the customer’s end remains almost unchanged, ensuring minimuml disruption to their operations.

About CPC: CPC Haferkamp GmbH, located in Germany, is a division of the international powerhouse, CPC Packaging. Founded in 1986, the French-owned CPC Packaging has been in business for decades, now boasting over 800 employees across its 10 specialised printing facilities in the packaging and printing industry.

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