CV Labels adds a new FB-350 to their production line

Scottish CV Labels has recently added another Nilpeter press to their line-up. The new FB-350 is the latest add-on and expands the company’s Nilpeter presses to a total of three.

Having worked with Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Healthcare labeling solutions for more than 30 years, CV labels is very well aware of the high standards they need to meet in order to deliver the best solutions to their customers. Investing in state-of-the-art technology is a key component of the company’s strategy. This rimes well to world-class engineering with Danish roots and Nilpeter.

The FB-350 is an ideal choice for CV Labels and is specialized in printing pressure-sensitive labels for pharmaceutical and medical products. The new press is a 7-color flexo press with a number of value-added features customized for CV Labels. One of the features is an inserter making it possible to create multi-page peel and read labels using different substrates. The FB-350 with this exact configuration, is the first of its kind on an FB-press in the UK.

Bob Veitch, Owner and Managing Director at CV Labels adds,“We have always been very pleased with the Nilpeter presses we have had so for us it was an obvious choice to add another one to our production line. Our business is growing, and we needed more volume and more colors. We got that with our new FB-350. The new press gives us a number of new opportunities, and especially making it possible to create multi-page peel and read labels has been a valuable contribution”.

Some of the value-added features of the FB-350 for CV Labels are UV-curing, the latest version, rail system and rail-based auxiliaries, de/re-lamination, a turnbar, re-register unit for preprinted webs, video inspection, and standard die stations.

Nick Hughes, Managing Director at Nilpeter Ltd,“I have known Bob for ages, and we have always had a great partnership. It’s always nice to see that our customer’s business is growing, and we are very happy to help them find the right solution in order for them to meet the constantly increasing demands of their customers. We managed to do it this time, and I am confident we will continue to do it in the future as well”.

A customer journey that started in 1983The partnership between CV Labels and Nilpeter dates all the way back to 1983 when Bob visited Copenhagen, Denmark, to test a Nilpeter B-200 letterpress. Bob, who at this time worked at another company, was stunned by what he saw in Copenhagen,

“Honestly, I was blown away by what I saw in Denmark. The advanced technology was revolutionary compared to everything else. I consider Nilpeter as one of the top manufacturers in the world, and it matches the ambitions of CV Labels – we only want to deal with the best”.

About CV Labels:CV Labels, based in Irvine, Scotland, was founded in 1989 and has 20+ employees. They recently expanded the production area to 2,000 sq/meters (21,000 sq/feet). They are specialized in labels for the pharmaceutical industry and hold a PS9000:2016 accreditation developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG). CV Labels is one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical specialists.