Exodus, a prominent Romanian printing firm, has recently taken a significant leap in enhancing its production capabilities by installing the Nilpeter FA-17 press.

Exodus, a prominent Romanian printing firm, has taken a significant leap in enhancing its production capabilities by installing the Nilpeter FA-17 press. This move marks a key shift from traditional sheetfed offset technology to advanced flexographic methods, addressing the dynamic demands of the modern market.

The move from Offset to Flexo

Historically rooted in offset printing, Exodus found this method increasingly insufficient to meet the evolving needs of its partners and the broader market. The stagnation in demand for conventional printing, coupled with a rising call for more specialised packaging and labels, prompted this strategic shift. The installation of the Nilpeter FA-17—a first for Exodus in both the flexo technology and Nilpeter brand arenas—signifies their adaptation and commitment to growth in a competitive industry.

The transition to flexography was not without its challenges, primarily the learning curve associated with adopting new technology. However, the comprehensive training and quality advice provided by seasoned flexo professionals eased this shift. The Nilpeter FA-17 press stands out for its blend of complexity and simplicity, enabling Exodus to swiftly adapt to its operation.

“Our decision to select the Nilpeter FA-17 was largely influenced by its ability to deliver exceptional print quality at high speeds, all while keeping energy consumption to a minimum, thanks to its UV LED technology. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to being the most eco-friendly flexo printer in the region,” said Calin Panaite – COO & Printing Manager at Exodus. “Moreover, the press’s ease of operation, quick turnaround times, cost-effective consumables, and the strong support from Nilpeter have been crucial for its seamless integration into our workflow”.

Exodus made a successful move from Offset to Flexo

Since the installation of the FA-17, Exodus has not only expanded its market reach but also significantly boosted its turnover. This growth is attributed to the press’s ability to meet diverse printing demands efficiently and sustainably. The company’s proactive approach in adopting the Nilpeter FA-17 allows them to continue their legacy of over 25 years in the printing industry, now with renewed technology and an eye toward future opportunities.

Christian Hatagan, CEO of Europtop Grafix SRL and close Nilpeter partner commented on the installation,

“It is always a pleasure to work with customers who have the vision and courage to enter new markets with new technologies. Exodus has demonstrated this, and we have been pleased to support and guide them in the project. The future looks bright, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration,” says Christian Hatagan

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