First FA-4 of its kind in South Africa

Durban-based Uniprint has invested in a Nilpeter 10-colour multi-substrate flexo press.

South African Packaging & Print Media recently met with CSM, Nilpeter’s local agent, at the converter Uniprint for an interview.

As a group, Uniprint enjoys a well-polished reputation for investing in leading-edge technology to meet customers’ complex needs. Label printing is not a simple topic at Uniprint. The company produces self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, film wrap-around labels, and, of course, the ubiquitous litho-printed wet-glue labels.

Underscoring its position at the technological cutting-edge, Uniprint undoubtedly counts among South Africa’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive labels, boasting the latest narrow web multi-colour flexographic and UV-lithographic, rotary silk-screen and rotary hot foil inline presses, as well as a digital press.

Now adding to this impressive line-up is a brand new Nilpeter FA-4 flexographic press. “This Nilpeter FA-4 press is the first one of its kind in South Africa, featuring the latest technology”, explains Del Wiggill of CSM Machinery Sales, Nilpeter’s local agent. “Uniprint has invested heavily in this multi-substrate press”, he adds. “It’s able to run on substrates from 12 ?m upwards”.

According to Leal Wright, Uniprint’s GM for Labels & Packaging, the multi-substrate capability was an important reason for buying this press. “We run a range of substrates – both supported and unsupported – from 12 ?m film to pressure-sensitive label material and right up to 180 ?m board”, he explains. “In addition, the press was specified with 10-colour capability so as to meet growing demand for more colours from our multinational customers”.

Quicker make-readies and a reduction in material waste were other important factors as waste minimisation is yet another looming issue. “The automatic registration, fast make-ready and other features on this press will give us a big advantage and allow us to focus on LEAN production methods”, Leal remarks.

Del Wiggill highlights Nilpeter’s CLEANINKING system, which uses less ink and, because it is a sealed unit, eliminates a contaminated ink tray at the end of a print run.

Uniprint already boasts a number of Nilpeter presses and after extensive investigations decided to extend its partnership with Nilpeter further by purchasing the FA-4. But the investment story does not stop there. CSM has recently commissioned an ABG HSR430 inspection rewinder with inline die-cutting. Manufactured by UK-based A B Graphic International (ABG), the new inspection rewinder ideally suits Uniprint’s operation. “We chose the ABG machine because of its overall quality and cost. We also have a good relationship with CSM in terms of product support and service”, reports Lorne Andersen, Uniprint Labels production manager. “In keeping with our LEAN manufacturing objectives, it minimises waste and improves operating efficiency by removing a slow process from the press and so printing speeds are greatly improved”.