General Data Company Installs New FB-Line from Nilpeter

General Data Company, Inc. of Cincinnati, OH, has recommitted to Nilpeter, installing a 13” FB-Line, adding further options and capabilities to an already impressive portfolio of specialized medical products. Nilpeter USA is pleased to continue its long-standing partnership with General Data.

Improvements and Adaptations

The relationship between the two companies dates back to 1994, a handful of years before Nilpeter’s acquisition of Rotopress, that established the Danish machine manufacturer’s platform in the Pan-American markets, Nilpeter USA.

“We bought our first Nilpeter press in 1994, which was coined “Rotopress” at the time. It was a 6-colour 10″ press, and it quickly became a workhorse given its capabilities, speeds, and ease of use. We have since bought several more presses from Nilpeter, all based off the experience with that first machine. Nilpeter has been a valued partner with General Data and has been willing to take our recommendations of improvements to their engineering teams, adding our adaptations to their future models. Given that partnership, and their willingness to work with their customers, we have continued to purchase Nilpeter presses for our shop floor and integrated them with other equipment (butt splicers, turrets, digital units, coaters, etc.). Having ran that first press myself for a number of years, I can personally say that I have found Nilpeter machines to be one of the easiest presses for operators to learn and use to their full potential,” says Thomas E. Gornall Jr., Plant Superintendent, General Data Company, Inc.

The Mark of a Great Relationship

At Nilpeter USA, the shared history, not to mention willingness to grow, is greatly appreciated. “I’ve had the pleasure to work with General Data for the past 25 years. You know the relationship is good when you can walk through the back door unannounced, and head straight to the pressroom. I actually installed their first machine in 1994, and a few more, before moving into sales. The new FB-3300S installed last month will add new opportunities to their already long list of specialized medical products. With UV/hot air and auto registration, this servo-driven machine can run thin films one minute and 14 pt tags the next. We look forward to working with General Data as we both grow during these next 25 years,” adds Tom Strunk, Senior Sales Consultant, Nilpeter USA, Inc.

High Recommendations

“We have upgraded to a new Nilpeter FB-Line, a 13” flexo press. The press itself is great, very operator friendly, and you can easily run high-quality labels off these presses. We have transitioned all of our medical labels to the new FB press. The automatic registration is easy to work with and you can run just about any high-quality flexo job out there. I would recommend one of Nilpeter’s FB-Lines to any print company out there,” says Roy Ratliff, Production Supervisor, General Data Company, Inc.

Exceeding Estimated ROI

“I have over 30 years experience travelling around the USA and overseas in the converting industry. I have worked with, operated, and serviced just about every flexographic press or support equipment in our past and current markets. With this knowledge and hands-on experience, Nilpeter is my “go-to” for converting equipment. A visit to their Cincinnati, Ohio, site reaffirms my confidence in their leadership and comfort level in the equipment. They have risen to the top of our industry. Our estimated ROI on the new FB-Line has been blown away by the actual numbers. I wish to congratulate the engineers and assembly team – and sales, too – with a job well done,” David Clark, Vice President of Manufacturing, General Data Company, Inc., concludes.