Grafiket installs the new FA-4* with great success

Grafiket is the first Danish converter to invest in a Nilpeter FA-4*. The press was installed at the company’s plant in September.

With more than 20 years experience of label manufacturing and with a product portfolio ranging from flexible packaging to graphic and adhesive labels, the family-owned company has experienced 20%-growth rates during recent years, and have doubled their revenue in three years. Heavy investments in state-of-the-art narrow web printing presses have positioned the company as one of the most modern label manufacturers in Denmark. The introduction of the FA-4* on the Grafiket floor is a pivotal part of the company’s strategy to become the best printing shop in Denmark in terms of printing quality and consistency of supply.

With several Nilpeter FA-4 flexo presses already in place, the management at Grafiket turned to the Danish press manufacturer to boost productivity and expand its range of applications.

“Consistent quality and short production times are key to Grafiket – and the Nilpeter FA-4*, with its maximum application flexibility, gives us exactly that”, says Director Claus Kunckel-Hansen. “Thanks to the full automation offered by the FA-4*, we can produce sellable labels and flexible packaging without any manual adjustments when we set up a job. And because of the ultra-short web path, we save huge amounts of waste, so when we combine this with the very fast loading of both ink chamber, anilox, and sleeve, the return of investment on this press is staggering’, explains Claus Kunckel-Hansen. After a smooth installation, the press is now in full action, printing impeccable jobs of various types and lengths.

The new press has been extremely well received by the shop printers. As one printer puts it, “This is a super cool piece of machinery”.