Grupo Lapp Etiquetas Acquires New Nilpeter FA-17

Grupo Lapp Etiquetas of Spain has signed for the acquisition of a new Nilpeter FA-17, with Nilpeter agent, Maquinaria Esagraf SLU.

Demanding Parameters and Procedures“When we at Grupo Lapp make a decision to acquire new equipment, it is usually done with quite demanding parameters and procedures created internally, by our experienced team of professionals. We subject the different brands and their teams to maximum stress, in order to uncover the highest performance in print quality, speed, stability, online adjustments, and other KPIs of interest,” says Mr. Antonio Lappi, President & CEO of Grupo Lapp Etiquetas.

Competitive Improvements“When we decide on a manufacturer and their technology, in this case NILPETER, we also like to know what other possibilities the equipment can provide, in case of new challenges that we can undertake in other markets or business areas. Currently in Grupo Lapp we print several products reel-to-reel, pressure-sensitive labels, sleeves, and wrap-arounds, with different substrates and qualities. We are sure that our new Nilpeter FA-17 will bring us competitive improvements and great performance in our production center,” Mr. Antonio Lappi continues.

Great Expectations“In Grupo Lapp we are already very clear about the partner we want for the future in narrow-web flexo technology. Nilpeter have met all the demands we put on the table, and we expect a lot from this partnership,” Mr. Antonio Lappi concludes.

Ideal Printing Partners“At Maquinaria Esagraf, we are very happy to continue our relationship with Lapp, one that started in the 1980”s when they bought a B-200, one of the first rotary letterpresses in our country. Today, Lapp is a growing company with a young and professional management team, and we are sure that Nilpeter and Maquinaria Esagraf will be the ideal printing partners for them,” says Enric Vela, Sales Director at Maquinaria Esagraf SLU.