How Phipps Label is Building For the Future

Package Printing reports that Phipps Label invest in the future. This is an extract of Editor-in-Chief of packagePRINTING, Cory Francer.

After spending the day touring the Nilpeter manufacturing facility, viewing demo presses and testing out his company’s jobs, Greg Phipps had one lingering question:

What are the big boys buying?

Phipps, the owner of Sinking Spring, Pa.-based Phipps Label, was in the market for a new flexo press, and he needed one that would be a catalyst for his 15-employee business to expand beyond pressure-sensitive labels into new products like shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

The answer Phipps received to his bold question was the new Nilpeter FA, a 17? press featuring an immense level of automation – so much so that the press is controlled by a mobile tablet, rather than traditional knobs and cranks.

Though the technology driving the FA was a revelation to Phipps, he could immediately tell the press had the potential to be the solution he was looking for. After all, he says, he was not looking for a machine to add capacity with the same capabilities he already had. He needed a press that could do something new.

We have some real good customers who are national companies,” Phipps says. “If you want to keep those guys, they want to see that you’re invested in the future, so when they want to move on and do something really elaborate, they don’t have to go somewhere else. They know Phipps can do it.

From left, Matt Thierolf, COO of Phipps Label, and the manager of Phipps Label’s finishing department, review a job coming off the press.