Infinite Packaging offers infinite possibilities

Package Printing talked to Dallas and Tulsa-based packaging converter Infinite Packaging. This is an extract of Editor Noel Ward’s editorial.

Most package printers and converters are specialists, honing finely tuned skills to meet and exceed the demands of brand owners who expect perfection. But there are a few companies that see opportunity in offering a more complete range of packaging and converting services and building deep relationships with brand owners and customers.

One such company is TLMI member Infinite Packaging, with operations in Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company operates under the belief that labels and packaging bring a brand to life, and that making customers successful will make it successful. With that in mind, the company relies on a fleet of Nilpeter flexo presses in both locations and an HP Indigo 6600, providing labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons to customers ranging from small businesses to national brand names.

To achieve this, Infinite Packaging has configured its presses to help deliver on customer expectations. Other than the number of ink stations, most of the Nilpeter presses in both locations are similarly configured, replete with lamination, screen printing, corona treatments, and more. “A lot of converters have one top-end press,” relates COO Gary Dunlap. “But almost all of ours are fully outfitted so we can easily move jobs around and not have delays while waiting for a press with certain features to become available.”

According to Dunlap, having multiple 10-colour presses also has a way of eliminating some of the competition, especially when it comes to producing shrink sleeves. “Some competitors can’t offer that many colours, and when you get into that level of job, we are known for delivering the quality certain clients require.”

Clients appreciate the inline finishing capabilities of the Nilpeter presses, relying on them for screen printing, raised varnishes (i.e., doming or tactile), foiling, and more. Dunlap also likes the productivity. “When you can do everything in a single run, the flexo press is just more productive,” he says. “It has real advantages for high-end decoration on cosmetics and nutraceuticals.” In contrast, the digital press at Infinite Packaging uses a two-step process with finishing done separately on an ABG Digicon.

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