New Nilpeter PANORAMA installation

Evolution of Digital Printing arrives in the S.Giuliano Milanese plant

Do you know that feeling of wonder, euphoria and excitement when you achieve a long and strongly dreamed project, and suddenly realize the endless conceivable opportunities of it? For us that’s exactly the installation of the first Nilpeter PANORAMA Hybrid printer machine in our S. Giuliano Milanese plant. The role of packaging has undergone profound changes over the last few years. From a simple tool of protection, transport and containing of the product, packaging has started to assume a key importance in the Marketing and Communication Strategies of the Brand. Creation of value through packaging, but safeguarding and optimizing cost and sustainability issues. To meet these needs it was essential to develop technologies that would allow us to obtain very high aesthetic results in terms of coverage and quality of the colors, which would support the compression of development time and the reduction of lead-time and printing batches, which would best use resources both in terms of plant design and installation and processing efficiency with reduction of waste and disposal of equipment (plants, slabs, cylinders, etc.). A printing platform that could combine the benefits of digital technology with the potential of conventional technology in order to get the best from both.

The perfect convergence of two worlds that today are divided and separated. 5-colors digital engine (W + CYMK), 3 conventional printing groups, cold foil application and inline die-cutting. This is the configuration we chose for our printing machine. Reduced machine start-up times, reduction of waste both during start-up and production, reduction of electrical absorption of UV lamps, reduction of inks consumption, reduction of chemical substances related to flexo-polymers, reduction of screen printing frames, production in a single passage without off-line machining eliminating in fact multiple start-ups and re-handling of raw materials. The first performance indicators developed during the test phase are extremely positive and promising, confirming the potential of the hybrid printing technology, which we believe will play an increasingly important and focal role in future marketing strategies.

However, the beautiful stories never end and even in this case what might have seemed a point of arrival becomes in reality the beginning of a new path made of improvements and continuous developments typical of every technological process. Today the challenge is characterized by making these opportunities usable far beyond what currently represents digital printing and its applications. Variable and random data, serializations, customization, combined prints, coverings, tactile finishes, special effects, etc.; today hybrid printing offers us a range of solutions and opportunities that are probably greater than those that we are able to conceptualize and design. Making the best use of them for the creation of real value (for the consumer) and shared value (for the whole supply chain) requires a path of growth and knowledge: an “hybrid” thinking and designing making converge around the same table all the available technologies and leave also space to diverge and explore adjacent possible infinities.

We are ready. what about you?