Attendees to witness the powerful capabilities and benefits of flexo technology through live demos

Nilpeter is gearing up for a standout appearance at this year’s Labelexpo Mexico. Distinguished as, to the best of our knowledge, the sole exhibitor to showcase a flexo press, Nilpeter plans to captivate visitors with exclusive live demos of their state-of-the-art FA-17 flexo press in action.

The FA-17 flexo press is build on a unique technology platform, boasting an array of advantages over traditional printing technologies. Among these benefits are rapid job changeovers, which allow for seamless transitions between projects, high efficiency and volume, enabling businesses to meet the growing demands of their customers, and remarkable speeds that significantly reduce production times. Furthermore, the FA-17 delivers an exceptional printing quality, ensuring that the final products meet and surpass industry standards.

Labelexpo Mexico attendees will have the rare opportunity to witness the power and versatility of flexo technology firsthand. Through live demonstrations and interactive experience, visitors can explore the full potential of the FA-17 flexo press, gaining valuable insights into how this cutting-edge technology can transform their printing processes. At Labelexpo Mexico, the press will be equipped with eight printing units with UV curing, and a rail system for the application of value-added processes such as cold stamping and lamination. The press will run shrink sleeves with cold foil applied in-line.

By offering this unique and immersive showcase, Nilpeter aims to pave the way for future innovations in the printing industry. As flexo technology continues to evolve, it promises to revolutionize the sector and solidify its position as a leading force in modern printing solutions. Don’t miss the chance to see “The future of Flexo” unfold at Labelexpo Mexico.