Nilpeter wins prestigious award

On November 15, Nilpeter’s commitment to innovation earned the company a prestigious business award in Denmark, ‘Privately Owned Enterprise of the Year 2012’ (Aarets Ejerleder 2012).

Nilpeter competed against other 3,000 Danish companies to win the title in a competition run by the world’s largest management services provider PricewaterhouseCoopers, newspaper Jyllands Posten, and financial services provider Nykredit.

The judges praised the management team for sustaining global growth, building a strong international brand through long-term technological development, and efficient business practices. They also paid tribute to the company’s strong record on staff retention and working conditions, and its encouragement of creativity in the workplace.

The competition was founded by PwC in order to give greater recognition to the growing contribution to Danish GDP and employment made by privately owned businesses.

Mr. Peter Eriksen, Chief Operating Officer at Nilpeter, was presented with the award in front of an audience of 150 owner-managers in Copenhagen. Peter Eriksen said, “I am very proud to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Nilpeter. Innovation has become a bit of an overused, clichd term, but nevertheless, it is an integral part of Nilpeter’s DNA. We develop our presses with 100% focus on our customers’ requirements. We put great emphasis on research and development, on finding solutions that help our customers remain lean, inventive, responsive, and capable of meeting the demands for increasing design complexity. This award is a spur to keep developing next generation products and services that enable our customers to find new ways of succeeding.