Prime Packaging, a leader in innovative packaging solutions based just outside of Chicago near O’Hare International Airport, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of the Nilpeter FA-26, a state-of-the-art 10-color flexo press.

This investment is set to enhance the company’s production capabilities and expand its market reach.

The newly installed press, which has been operational since December 2023 and running two shifts due to increased demand, represents Prime Packaging’s first venture with Nilpeter, though President and Owner Kevin Kollman is no stranger to the brand,

“Having had prior experience with Nilpeter’s high-quality presses made them a go-to option for us, as we sought to increase our throughput and efficiencies,” Kollman explains.

The decision to upgrade to the Nilpeter FA-26 was driven by a need to stay competitive in a fast-evolving market,

“Our older presses couldn’t keep up with our increased customer demand and the desire to implement expanded color gamut printing capabilities. It was crucial for us to enhance our technology to not only meet current ccustomer needs but also to venture into new territories, such as the health and beauty sector,” Kollman adds.

The FA-26 is already making significant strides for Prime Packaging by allowing the production of more complex images and vibrant flesh tones, that are comparable to that of digital and offset printing platforms.

“It’s not just about meeting demand, it’s about exceeding it. With features, such as sleeve based tooling, job memory and advanced-register control, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the pace,” says Kollman.

The feedback since the installation has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We knew that stepping up our capabilities would be good, but the performance of this new press has exceeded our expectations. We have been able to secure new business and offer a greater quality of product to our customers,” he continues.

Looking ahead, the investment in Nilpeter’s FA-26 is seen as a crucial move for Prime Packaging,

“This is about more than just expanding our services. It’s about moving forward with confidence and continuing to innovate in ways that keep us ahead of the curve,” concludes Kollman.

Prime Packaging
Photo caption (L-R): Kevin Kollman, President and Owner of Prime Packaging & Ryan Shields, Director of Operations

Lenny DeGirolmo, President of Nilpeter USA, remarks on the success of the FA-26 flexo press in the American market,

“Our FA-26 flexo press is truly making its mark in the U.S., where it’s highly sought after due to its performance capabilities in flexible packaging, expanded color gamut, automation, and digitalisation features, all of which are essential for a modern printing facility. These were exactly the attributes Prime Packaging was looking for, and it’s gratifying to see the press proving its worth from day one at their location. Our collaboration with Prime Packaging has been smooth, and we look forward to a prosperous future with them.”

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