Socipack Installs Second 22″ Wide FA-Line in West Africa

Leading Ivory Coast flexible packaging printer, Socipack, has installed their second Nilpeter 22″ wide FA-Line to great success in the West African region.

Socipack was created in 2016 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Already operating within several plastics segments, from film extrusion, injection, blow molding, and woven sacks. Socipack was created to produce high-quality flexible packaging for the West African region.

In the beginning, this was done by acquiring a couple of complete CI flexo lines with inline finishing, as well as 5-layer co-extrusion film production machinery.

Two Nilpeter Presses InstalledImmediately, the label market was also targeted. A fully equipped 8-colour Nilpeter FA-6* flexo press was installed in 2017, and after installation, Mr Hassan ABDALLAH, General Manager, mentioned that market needs would lead to a second press in the near future. In 2019 the company’s second Nilpeter 22″ wide FA-Line landed in Abidjan, this time a 10-colour press, to meet the increasing capacity of labels in this market. Today, Socipack is running the two Nilpeter lines in three shifts.

Socipack’s high quality label production has led to many return customers, who are now benefitting from the company’s region leading shrink-sleeve capabilities in primary packaging, food packaging, and more. Unique technologies can be implemented, from holographic effects to high quality finishing.

Bright Future and Expansion PlansThanks to professional management and very high confidence in their partnership with Nilpeter and BLG International, Socipack has established European manufacturing standards in their region of Africa, with a bright future ahead complete with ambitious expansion plans, possibly venturing into other countries.