Thai: Label Summit Latin America – A dynamic event

Once again Nilpeter joined the summit in Latin America -which returned to Columbia this time.

Placing the event back in the heart of the Andean region created dynamism – and perfect timing, since Nilpeter opened a regional office in Bogot in February, herewith establishing a dedicated sales and service platform in Columbia.

 “We sensed a rush of enthusiasm and optimism amongst the hundreds of delegates, who stopped by our booth”, says Global Sales Manager at Nilpeter, Jesper Jrgensen. “The summit being a vital part of Nilpeter’s success in this important market, we were more than pleased to see the number of attendees increase by 20% – we felt a trend towards consolidation in the Andean region”. 

Andean, Central American, Argentine, Uruguayan, Mexican, and other customers stopped by the Nilpeter booth to discuss the latest within advanced flexible packaging solutions and the benefits of the various printing technologies offered by Nilpeter.

“We look forward to joining the summit next year in Chile, and highly appreciate this new venue. The changing venue is a vital part of the success of these summits”, Jesper Jrgensen concludes.