The French label printer, APE Etiquettes, acquires their fourth Nilpeter Press

APE Etiquettes, specialised in multi-layer labels, inaugurated their second production site in September 2012.

For this new facility, APE Etiquettes has acquired another Nilpeter flexo press capable of printing 3-layer labels with prints on 5 pages in one pass. The 11-colour printing press features two independent unwind units, web turn bar, de- and relamination equipment in various configurations, three die-cutting units, and a non-stop waste removal, to name a few of the innovative value-adding features. With this press, the printer benefits from an ergonomic design, quick setup and automatic pressure setting of both anilox and printing sleeves.

This press is configured with the aim of being capable of making intricate coupons in a number of ways with different features and embellishments.

The FA-4, with a maximum production speed of 175 m/min., prints triple-layer labels at a speed of 100-110 m/min. It is also capable of printing front and back on substrates such as film and light cardboard.

This FA-4 is not the first in APE Etiquettes’ production facilities. The first, a 9-colour FA-4, was installed in 2006, and since then they have added two 8-colour FA-4s.

“APE Etiquettes has once again chosen a Nilpeter press because of the value-adding features and, not least, local service”, explains Mr. Christian Poirault, CEO of APE Etiquettes. And he adds, “This 11-colour press is the first one of its kind in France, and we are very proud of it. This press makes technical quality labels with minimum waste at high production speeds”.

With this expansion, APE Etiquettes is consolidating the company’s position as a national leader in the labelling industry.