TLMI Annual Meeting made us wiser

For the 28th time, Nilpeter attended the Annual Meeting of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute in San Antonio, Texas, on 20-22 October. As always, it was an ideal opportunity for the 400 delegates to learn more about the issues that shape the future of our industry.

The delegates were presented with highly interesting guest speakers: Cam Marston, who specialises in business behaviour of new generations; and Scott Klososky, who provides consultancy on future innovation and technology requirements.

How do we cope with workforce retention and motivation in the future? The session with generational expert Cam Marston gave us insight into how we will manage to keep several generations of talents motivated. The below 45-year-old workforce wants to stand out whereas the elder generation has been rewarded for fitting in. If you are an above 45-year-old manager of today’s youth, the “me-me-me-generation”, you cannot think that they find motivation in the same things you did, when you were at their age. Employers and managers need to understand the attitudes and expectations of each of the four generations so they can best work with each other. We cannot treat everyone the same.

With his presentation, Scott Klososky made the link between the human resources and the technology, and spoke of “humalogy”. Humalogy is defined as “the perfect blending of humanity and technology to optimise performance”, in other words the efficient use of machines, and the sensitive understanding of emotions. What will be the ultimate impact of technology on the human race? We have barely scratched the surface with how we use technology because we have only had it for a relatively short time. At the current rate of progression within invention and innovation, our lives will barely be recognizable 100 years from now. In fact, wearable and implantable electronics are already here. A fighter pilot can direct his weapon in the direction his head is pointing, and wearable and implantable electronics are already here.

Nilpeter embraces the concept of humalogy. The new and innovative FA-4* is a clear indication that we believe in the interaction between man and his machine. Welcome to the future.

The table top event gave everyone a chance to catch up.  Nilpeter looks forward to attending next year.