Trebnick Installs New FA-17 To Meet Increasing Demands for RFID

Trebnick Systems of Springboro, OH, just a short 30-minute drive from Nilpeter USA, has installed a new Nilpeter FA-17 to handle increasing customer demands for RFID-application.

Trebnick Systems is a long-time partner, having purchased their first Nilpeter press in the 1990s, when they developed a non-tear tag for durable markets that eliminated the need for laminated tags worldwide.

“I looked at all the presses that were popular at the time and Nilpeter had the most durable product from my impression. I had no idea that the registration and quality were also outstanding. Our first press is still running perfectly,” says Gregg Trebnick, founder of Trebnick Systems, Inc.

Tough Jobs Easily and RepeatedlyAs a competitor once said to a Trebnick customer, “they do the tough jobs easily and repeatedly”.

“When we got into the label and tag market, we were too late to get any easy jobs.   All the jobs we received were the jobs no one else wanted to do – uncoated poly material with process printing, adhesives that would not come off when applied outdoors in the middle of the winter, poly tags that stretch through 99% of the presses on the market, etc. The challenging start, however, is what gave us a leg up on the competition, and what positioned our team in the expert category,” Linda Trebnick, President, adds.

Update Equipment to Handle Demands“We already had the capability to apply RFID, but more and more of our customers are asking for it, and we needed to update our equipment to be able to handle those demands. As I mentioned, we already have Nilpeter presses and wanted to stay with them, so we went to Nilpeter, and together with Tamarack they came up with a press design for us that includes RFID-application and integrated labels,” Linda Trebnick says.

“With Nilpeter just down the street from Trebnick, that naturally played a big part in our decision, but they also have the most state-of-the-art press – the FA-17.  Nilpeter came in and helped us and always responded quickly to our calls, when we were down or needed service. With a major outlay of capital, we wanted the quickest response time, and Nilpeter has proven many times over the years that they are always ready to respond,” Trebnick continues.

A Perfect Match for Trebnick“Our first order on the press is a 750,000 feet long cast-and-cure hologram label.  Being long-run and unique, plus being sheeted, makes it a perfect match for Trebnick to produce on our new press. We need the capacity to keep up with our current growth, and with the add-on unit from Tamarack we will be doing RFID, integrated labels, and high-quality colour work.”

“Now that the FA-17 is up and running and we see the ease of running this press, we definitely would like to add another one of these presses to our production floor,” Linda Trebnick concludes.

About Trebnick SystemsTrebnick Systems is a global supplier of flexographic specialty tags and labels based in Springboro, OH, USA. Trebnick provides permanent, removable or repositionable adhesive label and tag solutions for some of the toughest environments in these markets: Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Durables, Lumber & Building Materials, Steel/Rebar, Chemical/Drum, Concrete, Food/Seafood, Horticulture, Mattress/Law, Product Identification, Packaging, Safety, Health & Beauty, Shelf Markers, Medical and Warehouse Floor Marking Systems, printers and printer supplies including thermal transfer and Epson Inkjet printers. Whatever the customer’s labeling needs, Trebnick Systems has a specialized solution they can depend on.