UK Open House was a great success

14-15 April 2015, Nilpeter hosted a two-day Open House at British converter Labelsunlimited in Manchester.

The print crew demonstrated two impeccable film jobs on the 8-colour FA-4* as well as a peel & read label on the 8-colour FB-3300 to the 50 attending converters.

Labelsunlimited, having printed on the Nilpeter FB-3300 for four years, invested in the new FA-4* last year. “It was quite a game changer for us when we got the FA-4*”, says Managing Director Marc Bradley. “It is so printer-friendly, that it removes some of the skills required, which allows easy training and also easy operation for all our printers. Another advantage to the FA-4* is the fact that it uses the latest iPad technology, so the younger generation and trainee printers are already familiar with this part of the machine operation”.

Marc Bradley also points to the superb printing quality as one of the FA-4* strong suits, “We are just so accurate on this press, it makes high-quality work easy to produce and at high speed”. Marc explains how they have reduced their make-ready time by 75%. “The short make-ready times combined with the quick changes, auto register, the job bank, and the full servo capabilities make the FA-4* the perfect press for us”, he concludes.

Ken Mann of the Flexible Packaging Division adds, “We print labels and flexible packaging and the way the press handles different substrates changing on a daily basis is superb, but there is no doubt the need for flexible packaging is increasing, so we will probably need to invest in a second FA-4* shortly. In that way we will have a press solely dedicated to flexible packing”.

The FB-3300 at Labelsunlimited is mainly dedicated to production of self-adhesive labels and specialises in producing peel & read multi-layer labels for a number of market sectors.