Wave TPS, a leading printing solutions provider located in the heart of Seoul’s Seong Soo Dong, has just installed their second Nilpeter FA-17 press.

Wave TPS, a leading printing solutions provider located in the heart of Seoul’s Seong Soo Dong, has just installed their second Nilpeter FA-17 press. This investment comes after 12 months of successfully utilizing their first FA-17, installed in 2021, and reflects Wave’s commitment to enhancing their service for customers.

The decision to acquire the second Nilpeter FA-17 was driven by the exceptional return on investment (ROI) achieved with the first press. Wave’s Managing Director, Eun Seok Lee,  expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The ROI on the Nilpeter press is what drove us to invest in the second Nilpeter FA-17. We have been impressed by the productivity of the FA-17, witnessing up to three times the increase in our production line efficiency, when switching from Letterpress/Offset to Flexo.”

With the new 10-colour configuration, the Nilpeter FA-17 offers Wave TPS expanded capabilities to handle a wider range of combination jobs. The FA-17’s speed, accuracy, and in-line “Value Added” options have enabled Wave to achieve remarkable results. The accuracy and consistency of the press have allowed the company to seamlessly integrate their Durst Inkjet printers, resulting in the production of unique and visually stunning labels for their customers.

“Having worked with many brands of Flexo presses, I can confidently say that Nilpeter’s FA-Line is far more efficient and accurate. The simplified job setup process saves us valuable time, as we only need to set one station, and the rest fall in automatically,” the factory manager at Wave TPS, Hyuk Hee Lee, adds.

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the FA-17, Wave TPS has experienced a significant boost in their productivity. The factory manager elaborated, “With just one 8-hour shift, we are achieving greater production capacity than two full rotary presses. Our daily operations now involve running 4 to 5 different jobs, ranging from 2,000-meter to over 100,000-meter runs. The FA-17’s outstanding accuracy and consistency have helped us improve our overall production time.”

Wave TPS’s investment in the second Nilpeter FA-17 demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional printing solutions to their expanding customer base. With the enhanced capabilities and efficiency offered by the FA-17 press, Wave TPS is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the printing industry.

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A heartfelt thanks to Eun Seok Lee, Managing Director at Wave TPS and the rest of his team, for placing their trust in Nilpeter. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our partnership.
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