Ohio-based family-owned business WT Nickell has recently expanded its capabilities in the pressure-sensitive label market by adding a new Nilpeter FB-350 printing press.

Ohio-based family-owned business, WT Nickell Label Company, has recently expanded its capabilities in the pressure-sensitive label market by adding a new Nilpeter FB-350 press. This acquisition marks the second FB-350 press, that WT Nickel has installed in the past three years, signifying a strong period of growth and a solid partnership with Nilpeter.

New FB-350 Press exceeds expectations

The new FB-350 was installed three months ago, enhancing WT Nickel’s production capacity. Despite initial concerns about maintaining sufficient volume to keep the press running full-time, these worries have proven unfounded, as the press has been fully operational since its installation. The proximity of Nilpeter to WT Nickel has facilitated an excellent cooperation, including easy visits to see the press in production, which has been greatly beneficial.

“Working with Nilpeter again was an easy decision. They understand our needs and don’t push unnecessary equipment on us. The local connection and support have been outstanding,” said Rick Meyer, President and Co-owner of WT Nickell Label Company.

Lenny DeGirolmo, President of Nilpeter USA, also commented on the partnership, “Our relationship with WT Nickell exemplifies the synergy and mutual dedication possible when like-minded companies collaborate. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

The timing of acquiring the second Nilpeter press aligns perfectly with WT Nickel’s strategy to increase its volume. The choice of another FB model fits well into their existing setup, particularly their use of water-based inks, which is ideal for their partnerships with various micro-breweries. Both Nilpeter presses owned by WT Nickell, are equipped with seven and eight colour units respectively, featuring turnbars and lamination, which enhance their printing capabilities.

With the new press and updated equipment, WT Nickell has seen a quality improvement that benefits their customers significantly. The synergy between their digital and flexo operations has been seamless, and the first three months have shown promising results with a high demand for the new press. Looking forward, the company anticipates continued growth despite global uncertainties. WT Nickell’s diverse market presence—from pharmaceuticals to food & beverage, and industrial labels—positions them well to manage risks and seize growth opportunities in different sectors. One of their next strategic moves is to venture into flexible packaging, pushing their growth trajectory even further.

About WT Nickell Label Comapny

WT Nickell Label Company specializes in custom printed pressure-sensitive labels, leveraging over 60 years of industry experience. This expertise ensures that each label meets high standards of quality and satisfaction.

The company offers more than competitive pricing; it is committed to understanding customer needs, meeting tight deadlines, and managing complex just-in-time delivery challenges. With a focus on creative and resourceful solutions, WT Nickell ensures that its products positively reflect on customer merchandise.

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