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Offset combination presses

Whenever excellent quality is needed, offset is the preferred choice. Thanks to modern servo machines, the high degree of standardisation, low plate costs, and a beneficial cost per label, offset is used more and more, also for relatively simple labels. A modern servo machine is able to reduce setup times and waste significantly. In the last few years these improvements have been so significant that often offset is now able to efficiently compete with flexo printing.

Additionally, substrates are influencing the choice of the main printing process as well. In particular, textured substrates in the wine industry are restricting flexo. Because of the low ink laydown, offset is preferred for all wrap and shrink applications too.

Outstanding results and low costs

Offset is extremely good in CMYK and vignette printing, and has a reputation as a high quality printing process. The technology gives outstanding results in the light and dark areas. Offset has low dot gains, like the new advanced flexo presses, but the size of the minimal dot in offset can be virtually zero. Offset is second best in solids; for that reason 95 percent of all offset presses are combination machines with offset and flexo. 

Offset printing plates are quite inexpensive to produce and do not have raised images; dot gain, therefore, is virtually nonexistent. 

What type of label is best suited for an offset press?

There are two segments for typical offset labels. First, non-combination labels in long runs: detergent, under-the-sink products, some high-end food. Second, combination requesting products: H&B, cosmetics, wine. Here the offset is used for very fine process combined with flexo, screen, gravure and foiling for adding value to the design and shelf appearance. Good examples are wines from the New World plus Italy, as well as high-end personal care products like Pantene, Dove, Fructies, and Herbal Essence.

Offset combination quality is still a way to differentiate from your competition. At Nilpeter, we manufacture offset and combination presses, such as the MO-Line FUSION, that can utilise offset, UV-flexo and a variety of print processes. Designed specifically for products of uniform quality, the Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION is the natural choice for printing companies that supply global players demanding only the best. Featuring the latest technology, MO-Line FUSION presses are suitable for long, medium, and short runs, handling the complete wide range of substrates.


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